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How #NCGA / #NCPOL Dems use #MoralMonday “spiritualism” to promote socialism

Moral Monday

I’ve written here and at Storify numerous times as to how far the left this state’s Democrats are going, a disturbing situation that has escalated since the party has effectively been out of power statewide since 2010.  First, the GOP took control of the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) for the first time in over a century in 2010, and then in 2012 we saw Pat McCrory (R) elected Governor and Dan Forrest elected Lt. Governor (R), with the GOP increasing their majorities in the state House and Senate (NCGA).  As you can imagine, that loss of power was not taken well at ALL by the state’s leftists – in particular it’s Raleigh-area-based think tanks better known as Blueprint NC, who soon devised what’s known around here as a “by any means necessary”  playbook of trying to snag back control of state government from Republicans.   They called for a “crippling” of state government just a month into Pat McCrory’s term.  These despicable tactics pushed for by the various think tanks that make up Blueprint NC have been used by elected Democrats in our state legislature (NCGA) even though technically by law that would violate the tax exempt status of Blueprint NC, a so-called “non-partisan” advocacy group.  They don’t see that as the case, and no one has pushed the issue but for now, the beat with them goes on......   [Read More]