Gray Lady Down – a slam against the NYT

This is the best opinion piece I’ve seen yet on they hypocritical nature of the MSM when it comes to real leaks to the press that can damage our national security:

Trust: The so-called mainstream media in general and The New York Times in particular are waging a relentless campaign undermining the war on terror. The Fourth Estate is beginning to look like a Fifth Column.

It’s hard to imagine a major American newspaper in 1942 announcing before the Battle of Midway that we had broken the Imperial Japanese code or before D-Day that the Allies had a machine that let us read the Nazis’ highest-level transmissions.

Yet in the war on terror, that’s exactly the kind of information that papers like the Times and The Washington Post, in the name of the “people’s right to know,” have provided our jihadist enemy — from stories on secret CIA prisons where our mortal enemies are held to wiretaps on al-Qaida operatives and their U.S. contacts.

Where was the defense of the “people’s right to know” when the issue was who “revealed” the name of CIA desk jockey Valerie Plame and her Bush-bashing, mint tea-drinking husband, Joe Wilson? Then the issue was who was placing our covert agents in jeopardy and who should be indicted and sent to federal prison.

But when it comes to the Post disclosing classified information on CIA prisons, which we hope exist, or the Times telling the world that the CIA uses its own airline service, disguised as a private charter company, to move prisoners around, hey, that’s Pulitzer Prize material.

Toldjah so.

Hat tip: AJ Strata

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