Why I’m pushing back so hard on #OWS – and why you should, too #OccupyCLT

Posted by: ST on October 29, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Occupy Wall Street photo courtesy of Joe Marino for NYDNYou’ve probably noticed that for the last few weeks here at the blog, on Twitter, and at Facebook, I’ve been talking almost exclusively about the “Occupy” movement. It’s not that I don’t care about the other issues (and, yes, there are many!), but because I believe this is THE ideological battle of battles and that if Democrats/liberals win, we all lose – and this country as we know it will cease to exist.   You will see Twitter hashtags in some post titles now because everytime that post is shared on Twitter, it will also be shared on that hashtag.

I’ve become borderline obsessed with exposing this blatantly fascistic, anarchist group for the anti-capitalist, pro-wealth redistributionists they really are, especially seeing as the mainstream media, along with opportunistic Democrat politicos and even some GOP  have legitimized this pseudo-“pro people” movement by suggesting they have much in common with the Tea Party, and by saying their grievances are “legitimate.”  These are outrageous falsehoods perpetuated by journalists, pundits, commentators, politicos, etc who are either too lazy to research or are too heavily invested in the progressive agenda to call anyone out on the lie that this movement is about restoring “power to the people.”  In actuality, it’s a “movement” that reminds one of Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.

This gang, with a few exceptions, is made up mostly of infantile 20-somethings, aging hippies, diehard unionistas, pseudo-intellectual liberals who think they know what’s best for you, and other various and assorted “gimme yours” pro-big government types masquerading as folks who are “speaking for the common man” under the guise of “wanting to help those in need” – and they don’t mind shamelessly hiding behind the sick, the handicapped, children, women, and veterans in order to “get the message out.”  It’s mind-boggling when you think about the fact that most of them voted for President Obama specifically because of the fact that he was such a strong proponent of “spreading the wealth.”  And he’s most definitely done that, to the tune of trillions of dollars.  But to these clueless wonders, he hasn’t done it enough!  No, they’re not “anti-government” – they just think instead of bailing out banks, they should bail out student loans, believe unemployment benefits should last forever, think that welfare is an endless “human right”, that even the most modestly successful in our society must be forced to subsidize everyone else.  It’d be one thing if they were against bailouts because they didn’t believe taxpayers should be bailing out big corporations – heck, that’s a Tea Party position.  But, no, they’re not against bailouts per se – they’d just rather play Robin Hood and steal from the so-called “rich” to give to the “less fortunate” – and if the government won’t help, they’ll try to blackmail and terrorize businesses directly in the name of “social justice for the people.”  

This is economic terrorism waged not by “big business” but instead by wild-eyed fanatical types who insist the law must be taken into their own hands “FOR YOU.”  These people don’t get that it’s not businesses who steal 30, 40, 50% + of your income: It’s the government, and that the best way to instill “change” is to “vote the bums out” and vote people in who you think will push for the type of changes you as the voter elected them to. And if they get in office and veer off course, hold them accountable – but not by using intimidation, deliberate hostile provocation, and violence.

And don’t underestimate the disturbing anarchistic, vigilante “justice”  undertones of this movement – a movement that is using Guy Fawkes, yes, Guy Fawkes, as their icon and hero.  As I’ve written before, these “pro-peace” hypocrites – who just a few years ago were screaming about due process for country-less terrorists in Gitmo – now believe it’s perfectly acceptable, no, imperative for them to hand out “vigilante justice” by storming bank lobbies, deliberately provoking law enforcement, hacking into business websites and government websites – including the police, and actually going into private businesses and even the front porches of their homes to supposedly  “expose” business owners who are affiliated with or are invested in Wall Street!  When you ask them how they’d feel if the tables were turned on them, they’ll actually tell you that if they “screwed the people” they’d expect “the people” on their doorsteps, too – which is an absolute lie, because they’d do exactly what CEOs have done, which is to say I’m not guilty of what you’re accusing me of … and then they’d seek out lawyers of their own and use the justice system to fight back against a justice system that they feel now is … unjust.

Even more interesting is how they think that “bailouts for the people” are actually going to help anyone. Apparently they’ve forgotten that the US govt has been “bailing out” the American people for decades via social programs that were designed to help but instead turned this country into one where nearly half believe they are “entitled” to money that is not their’s to begin with.  These types of “social welfare” programs have had a devastating impact on the black community in particular.  But why let a little thing like “the facts” get in the way of a good ol’ fashioned red-faced rant?  The mindset for these people is “Bailout for banks don’t work because there is no trickle down” but “bailouts for people do work”, in spite of the fact that 50 years of the welfare social safety net proves that it most certainly does not. And has anyone else pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of their belief that businesses should be held personally responsible for their wrongdoings, but that individuals have no responsibility to pay off debts they themselves incurred??

It’s incredible, surreal, frightening – and anyone who sits on the sidelines and allows these fascist types to essentially take over this country via their mob rule mentality without speaking up is doing the country they love an extreme disservice.

What I’m saying is that if you’re reading this, and you care about the future of America and don’t want to see it become another Europe (and it’s heading that way fast), make your voices heard.  Doesn’t mean you have to go stand out on a sidewalk or camp out on public property for weeks on end.  You can be an activist on social media platforms.  You can educate family and/or friends when and if the subject of the “Occupation” and “corporate greed” comes up.   Write letters to the editor of your newspaper.  Email your Congressional representatives and your state legislature and local city/county reps. Stay informed, and speak out as often as possible.  I can’t stress how important this is that we all push back on the attempts at radicalizing even more so than it already is our current governmental system of punishing even the modest successes of the haves in order to give to the have nots.  Not to sound cliche, but the future of the Republic depends on it.

Thanks for listening.

Occupy Wall Street photo courtesy of Joe Marino for New York Daily News.

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20 Responses to “Why I’m pushing back so hard on #OWS – and why you should, too #OccupyCLT”


  1. steveegg says:

    You forgot about the hard-core Communists (mostly of the Trotskyite/Guevara strain).

  2. Tom TB says:

    Excellent, ST! The rebellious students of my day formed SDS, some became the Weathermen, the ones that didn’t blow themselves up or go to prison returned to the only world they knew; the university. There as teachers they could infect a new generation with the same Marxist socialist communist mentality that ALWAYS fails everywhere, except “This time it will be different”. I haven’t heard a single thing from the OWS crowd that I didn’t hear 40 years ago.

  3. Susan Duclos says:

    Glad to see I am not the only one trying to make sure to keep readers up-to-date on Occupier antics every day.

    Great work and thanks for doing it.

  4. John says:

    ST, I think these people give the Obamaites a bigger black eye than you give them credit for. I don’t see this movement actually going anywhere, or even surviving the winter weather, but if the liberals want to throw their money down a hole supporting these folks instead of dumping it into Obama’s coffers, so much the better. I look at them as a sump for sucker money, and I think their extemist nonsense hurts the liberals worse than it hurts us. I love the fact that they are writing constitutions, and calling for secession. When they gets their views down on paper it will tar the liberals with a brush that will be hard to scrape off. And it does keep the government busy.

  5. George Robinson says:

    It just struck me the racist, anti semite, occupiers are also class snobs, “Homeless need not apply!” I can only surmise they intend to pay taxes on the “free” gourmet meals as they are only given to white non homeless occupiers. Their anti ex con stance is also cute, who will do their rapes and thefts if not the ex con class?
    How does one determine who is homeless when aforesaid one lives in a park? Does occupying count toward the work release program? Where are Jews with tents supposed—never mind, Jews can’t put up tents, they hire ex cons for manual labor. I say we just wait for the freeze then Jack Hammer them all into the ground.

  6. Carlos says:

    The OWS movement nationwide is everything the LSM tried to make the TEA parties. They are racist, bigoted, and most of all exclusionary.

    Projection come to pass, I guess.

  7. guojenman says:

    Do you like that we’re still paying for the banks’ losses? we are (chase and BoA have transferred their derivatives holdings to FDIC insured accounts = we’re on the hook for trillions)

    Do you like that corporations have more political power than people? they do

    Do you like that corporations pay less taxes than people? they do

    Do you like that university tuition and healthcare costs have been outpacing inflation at an alarming rate? they are

    Do you like that the middle class income has been on the decline while the rich have more than double theirs?

    If you do, I can see why you hate the occupy movement. Try reading/watching something other than fox news for a change.

  8. Ryan says:

    I agree mostly with your points. The problem I have is that you need to insult the protesters by resorting to name calling. It cheapens the whole argument.

  9. scott says:

    I live right down 77 from ya, and our local rag is a McClatchy rag (as is the Observer) and they will NOT publish my opinion letters nor will they allow “voices of dissent” to post comments on their stories (lies for the O administration). I’ve been battling them for three years. Thank God for facebook……have you noticed how FB keeps changing their layout to make posting links harder? Good Lord, are they in bed with O too?

  10. JamesonLewis3rd says:

    God Bless You and Yours

  11. Tango says:

    ….the world has seen this all before. What eludes me is (why) when political corruption and lawlessness abounds, some folks think Marxism is the answer? Perhaps someone can point out to me a nation that has become a Marxist success?

  12. You read my mind on so many parts of what bothers me about this thing. Nice work, ST.

  13. Jessica Bloomwood says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with all the points of OWS movement. I don’t think there are solutions to be found in never ending handouts to ANY group, whether they are big money corporations or the average struggling American. However, I do think the OWS movement echoes a frustration that is all over America. ALL OF US can see that something is wrong; the OWS people are just willing to get off their butts and stand in the cold to bring a voice to our concerns regarding the destruction of this country. The bailouts aren’t the primary issue and I am of the opinion that at least some of them should have happened, otherwise our nation would be in even worse shape than what it is. The real problem was the creation of an environment where the bailouts were needed. After the Great Depression of 1929, laws were put into place so that nothing like that would every happen. Where were those laws in 2008?

    People make much of OWS people wanting to have cushy perks, but isn’t that what the CEO’S of big money corporations have been receiving in recent years? It used to be that corporate leaders had to do a good job and grow their company or at least keep it stable. No more. They can be irresponsible, run a company into the ground and still get an enormous golden parachute. No matter what level, handouts without consequences is never a good thing. I don’t begrudge a reward to ANYONE who works hard and makes a sincere, lawful effort to better themselves and/or the business they are running.

    I am also concerned about how little power the average person as compared to corporations and govt ‘leaders’. We have over 300 million people in this country and I would say there are probably less than 5,000 people total that have the power to dictate a great deal of what is going to happen for those 300 million people. That is really scary. That is too much power in the hands of too few people. Our country was built by people who were tired of being dictated to by an imperial power. I think that same frustration is in almost every heart of the 300 million who only have 1 measly vote to get their voice heard. Clearly, 1 vote every 4 years isn’t enough to keep this country on track and OWS and others are letting people know that.

    As for the 53% group, you’re one of the lucky ones who didn’t lose their job back in 08. You are wrong to think that those that did are too proud to work a ‘crap job’. I have a bachelor’s degree, a partial master’s degree and had a 20 year career in IT. I’m not too proud. I’ve applied for many, many IT jobs, bank teller jobs, clerical jobs, pharmacy technician jobs, pharmaceutical rep jobs, census jobs (I got that temporary job), etc. I’ve applied at the K-marts, the Walgreens, the Rite-Aids, the Walmarts, etc. The job market is VERY tough out there. Although I’m very grateful for it, I’m TIRED of my unemployment handout. I want a JOB. I want to go back to the time when if a person worked hard and applied themselves, they could make something of themselves in this world.

    I am going to make every effort to keep myself afloat as long as I can. At some point in time though, the savings will run out if I don’t find some type of income and I’ll have to hang in the towel if you know what I mean.

  14. Carlos says:

    @guojenman: Good points, most of them. Now, the “protesters” prove their intellectual superiority by going out and protesting the banks and Wall Street, “occupying” land that is set aside for everyone’s use (while keeping others out by threat of violence, I might add), and ignoring completely the sources of their unhappiness, mainly the government (from the feds to the local) and an education system that has failed miserably and nearly completely.

    And just as an added point of interest, there are some of us out here who happen to watch sources other than Fox, and who pay attention to some blogs other than conservative ones.

    Some of us also have children who challenge us, and there is no better way to sharpen one’s belief system than to argue/discuss with one’s children.

    But most of all, sir/madam (as the case may be), there are those of us out here who really believe that what one has should be earned, not stolen. Should be the same for the government and all its workers (including the president.)

    BTW, if you think about it, corporations don’t pay taxes, they simply pass the costs of taxes through to the consumer in the pricing structure they use. In other words, the higher the tax for corporation “A”, the higher the price to the consumer of their products. Duh! Sounds like another tax to (mostly) the middle and lower classes to me. Thank your moonbat slimy congresscritter for that.

  15. RM says:

    Classic case of Freudian projection. Everything the Tea Party was falsely accused of being for three years OWS actually has displayed in just one month.

  16. scott says:

    Jessica……I failed terribly at being a college student. did I sit around and cry about it? no, I got a job, learned a trade and now am set for life. most of the problem with America is the premium put on a college education. I learned a trade (electrician)and have been rewarded ever since. oh, I was laid off in early 2008 but found another job within three weeks. my blue collar self is doing just fine, thank you. when you produce you gt rewarded.

  17. Carlos says:

    @Jessica: “I don’t begrudge a reward to ANYONE who works hard and makes a sincere, lawful effort to better themselves and/or the business they are running.”

    Yet you can see the reasons for the OWS “protests”? How can you possibly align that with you own statement above?

    And your figure of 5,000 is severely short. Try the total number of federal, state, county and municipal workers, then add maybe 1,000 more for the outrageous bankers/investors who get the great perks, and you’ll be a lot closer. Those are the ones our chosen representatives have decided should run our lives and fortunes.

    Protest them! Like the TEA partiers do.

  18. Hyrdr says:

    Stumbled on ST tonight. Great bookmark now. These stinking libtards are at least out of their parents basements. Maybe their parents can move and lose em for good????