Why I’m pushing back so hard on #OWS – and why you should, too #OccupyCLT

Occupy Wall Street photo courtesy of Joe Marino for NYDNYou’ve probably noticed that for the last few weeks here at the blog, on Twitter, and at Facebook, I’ve been talking almost exclusively about the “Occupy” movement. It’s not that I don’t care about the other issues (and, yes, there are many!), but because I believe this is THE ideological battle of battles and that if Democrats/liberals win, we all lose – and this country as we know it will cease to exist.   You will see Twitter hashtags in some post titles now because everytime that post is shared on Twitter, it will also be shared on that hashtag.

I’ve become borderline obsessed with exposing this blatantly fascistic, anarchist group for the anti-capitalist, pro-wealth redistributionists they really are, especially seeing as the mainstream media, along with opportunistic Democrat politicos and even some GOP  have legitimized this pseudo-“pro people” movement by suggesting they have much in common with the Tea Party, and by saying their grievances are “legitimate.”  These are outrageous falsehoods perpetuated by journalists, pundits, commentators, politicos, etc who are either too lazy to research or are too heavily invested in the progressive agenda to call anyone out on the lie that this movement is about restoring “power to the people.”  In actuality, it’s a “movement” that reminds one of Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.

This gang, with a few exceptions, is made up mostly of infantile 20-somethings, aging hippies, diehard unionistas, pseudo-intellectual liberals who think they know what’s best for you, and other various and assorted “gimme yours” pro-big government types masquerading as folks who are “speaking for the common man” under the guise of “wanting to help those in need” – and they don’t mind shamelessly hiding behind the sick, the handicapped, children, women, and veterans in order to “get the message out.”  It’s mind-boggling when you think about the fact that most of them voted for President Obama specifically because of the fact that he was such a strong proponent of “spreading the wealth.”  And he’s most definitely done that, to the tune of trillions of dollars.  But to these clueless wonders, he hasn’t done it enough!  No, they’re not “anti-government” – they just think instead of bailing out banks, they should bail out student loans, believe unemployment benefits should last forever, think that welfare is an endless “human right”, that even the most modestly successful in our society must be forced to subsidize everyone else.  It’d be one thing if they were against bailouts because they didn’t believe taxpayers should be bailing out big corporations – heck, that’s a Tea Party position.  But, no, they’re not against bailouts per se – they’d just rather play Robin Hood and steal from the so-called “rich” to give to the “less fortunate” – and if the government won’t help, they’ll try to blackmail and terrorize businesses directly in the name of “social justice for the people.”  

This is economic terrorism waged not by “big business” but instead by wild-eyed fanatical types who insist the law must be taken into their own hands “FOR YOU.”  These people don’t get that it’s not businesses who steal 30, 40, 50% + of your income: It’s the government, and that the best way to instill “change” is to “vote the bums out” and vote people in who you think will push for the type of changes you as the voter elected them to. And if they get in office and veer off course, hold them accountable – but not by using intimidation, deliberate hostile provocation, and violence.

And don’t underestimate the disturbing anarchistic, vigilante “justice”  undertones of this movement – a movement that is using Guy Fawkes, yes, Guy Fawkes, as their icon and hero.  As I’ve written before, these “pro-peace” hypocrites – who just a few years ago were screaming about due process for country-less terrorists in Gitmo – now believe it’s perfectly acceptable, no, imperative for them to hand out “vigilante justice” by storming bank lobbies, deliberately provoking law enforcement, hacking into business websites and government websites – including the police, and actually going into private businesses and even the front porches of their homes to supposedly  “expose” business owners who are affiliated with or are invested in Wall Street!  When you ask them how they’d feel if the tables were turned on them, they’ll actually tell you that if they “screwed the people” they’d expect “the people” on their doorsteps, too – which is an absolute lie, because they’d do exactly what CEOs have done, which is to say I’m not guilty of what you’re accusing me of … and then they’d seek out lawyers of their own and use the justice system to fight back against a justice system that they feel now is … unjust.

Even more interesting is how they think that “bailouts for the people” are actually going to help anyone. Apparently they’ve forgotten that the US govt has been “bailing out” the American people for decades via social programs that were designed to help but instead turned this country into one where nearly half believe they are “entitled” to money that is not their’s to begin with.  These types of “social welfare” programs have had a devastating impact on the black community in particular.  But why let a little thing like “the facts” get in the way of a good ol’ fashioned red-faced rant?  The mindset for these people is “Bailout for banks don’t work because there is no trickle down” but “bailouts for people do work”, in spite of the fact that 50 years of the welfare social safety net proves that it most certainly does not. And has anyone else pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of their belief that businesses should be held personally responsible for their wrongdoings, but that individuals have no responsibility to pay off debts they themselves incurred??

It’s incredible, surreal, frightening – and anyone who sits on the sidelines and allows these fascist types to essentially take over this country via their mob rule mentality without speaking up is doing the country they love an extreme disservice.

What I’m saying is that if you’re reading this, and you care about the future of America and don’t want to see it become another Europe (and it’s heading that way fast), make your voices heard.  Doesn’t mean you have to go stand out on a sidewalk or camp out on public property for weeks on end.  You can be an activist on social media platforms.  You can educate family and/or friends when and if the subject of the “Occupation” and “corporate greed” comes up.   Write letters to the editor of your newspaper.  Email your Congressional representatives and your state legislature and local city/county reps. Stay informed, and speak out as often as possible.  I can’t stress how important this is that we all push back on the attempts at radicalizing even more so than it already is our current governmental system of punishing even the modest successes of the haves in order to give to the have nots.  Not to sound cliche, but the future of the Republic depends on it.

Thanks for listening.

Occupy Wall Street photo courtesy of Joe Marino for New York Daily News.

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