George Galloway claims he tried to “save” slain CARE director Margaret Hassan

What an incredibly stupid, arrogant [insert crude term for a part of the male anatomy here]!

This is the same jerk who said that a suicide bomber murdering Prime Minister Tony Blair would be justifiable, was close pals with Uday and Qusay Hussein (in addition to their murderous father), and was kicked out of the Labour party because he tried to incite the ‘insurgency’ in Iraq to rise up against British troops as well as encouraged British troops to disobey their commanders. I guess he figured the close connections he had/has with the like-minded dregs he hoped to ‘negotiate’ with in Iraq would work like magic to free Hassan?

How much you want to bet the only reason he tried to stick his nose where it didn’t belong was because he thought Hassan didn’t support the ‘occupation’? I don’t recall him stepping in on behalf of any of the other captives we’ve read about in Iraq.

Can you believe the sheer arrogance of this guy? A known terrorist supporter trying to overstep the British government’s policy on situations in foreign countries that involve British hostages? What a pathetic joke.

I can’t wait to see what Hitchens’ response is to this.

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