Rosie, you need some serious HELP

Yeah, I know that’s probably the understatement of the year.

rosieo.jpgTake a look at this photo on Rosie’s website.

In case you’ve sworn of visiting the detestable woman’s site, here’s a description: It’s of her very young daughter, wearing a bullet belt.

Now we know Rosie’s against guns, thanks to her infamous anti-gun argument with Tom Selleck on her old afternoon show. So what is Rosie trying to tell us here, with both the picture and the headline: “a picture is worth a thousand posts”?

Could it be “we’re training our kids to grow up to be killers!!!!!!!! Like in Iraq!!!!!!”

Or possibly “One of these days, this could be YOUR child, chaining the exit doors at a college and killing an untold number of people!!!!!!!!!!”

Bob Owens wonders what it all means, too:

But what, precisely, is the message is she trying to send?

Based upon the reaction of her readers, it seems to be either “I’m willing to pimp my child for a cheap political stunt,” or, “I’m so nutty, even my own demented fans are disturbed over how I’d use my child.”

Whatever her point, few seem to understand it, and I wonder if that cluelessness extends to O’Donnell he[r]self.

Oh, I have no doubt that cluelessness extends to one of the most clueless women in the ‘entertainment’ industry.

Whatever her point may be, here’s the message *I* got from the photo: It’s a sick reminder of just how far some people will go to try and prove a point about guns and violence and war.

You know, every once in a while some Hollyweirdos go from being just stupid, uninformed blowhards to disturbed individuals. Rosie, I think, is one such case.


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