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Betsy Newmark, on female politicians:

Why should gender matter in politics today? Have we returned to the arguments from a century ago that women are more moral and will clean up politics? In the 2006 campaign, Pelosi argued that it might take a woman to clean out the House of Representatives, unconsciously echoing a 1912 cartoon showing a giant woman voter sweeping away corrupt politicians. What happened to all the feminists’ slogans about how there was no difference between women and men? Wasn’t it questioning just this idea that got Larry Summers into trouble?

Women can’t have it both ways. Either men and women are essentially the same, or each gender has certain strengths that the other lacks. If women are going to claim that they bring special gender-based skills to politics, men can start claiming that they, too, have particular strengths as leaders.

Exactly. Feministas for years have been arguing that men and women are no different than each other, can do the same things, etc but when it suits their arguments, they’ll claim that they can do something men supposedly can’t, meaning they have ‘special strengths unique to women.’ Now just imagine if a Republican male candidate for president stated that in times of war, it was better for a man to lead the US military because men understood and could better handle the rough and tumble nature of the military? The verbal pounding he’d receive from NOW would be relentless. A Republican female making an argument that men were stronger than women in certain areas is typically labelled by the usual suspects as being ‘subservient’ to their ‘masters’ or ‘brainwashed.’

Women and men were created equal, but they were also created to be different from one another (can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all alike?). The FemElites are notorious for falsely equating being “different” with being “unequal” – they couldn’t be further off the mark. There are things that men do better than women, and there are things that women do better than men, and there are things that both women and men do equally as well (and of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but that’s what they are: exceptions).

Am I saying that women should “know their place”? Hell no. But unlike the radical feminist hypocrites who embarass themselves every time they open their mouths with not just their doublespeak about ‘equality’ but also how we should ’embrace diversity’ when it comes to race and culture, I truly DO embrace and celebrate many kinds of diversity – including the diversity between the sexes, which appears to be the only diversity that the feministas do not embrace. I love being a woman, and I love men who aren’t afraid to be men and there is nothing wrong with accepting and enjoying (and sometimes ranting about! LOL) our differences.

Radical feminist women have been getting away with this double standard for years. It’s up to women AND men who see the hypocrisy of this argument to call them on it when it happens, even at the risk of being shouted down with the obvious and predictable howls of outrage we’ve come to expect from those who don’t want their “Accepted Truths” challenged for fear that the basis of their whole movement could be called into question (gasp!). The chains of political correctness have served to hamper honest and frank debates on this issue for years, and that must change.

Hat tip: Lorie Byrd


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