Lamont campaign’s new ads against Lieberman call him a “turncoat”

Via AP:

Lamont’s campaign is spending $93,000 this week on a series of statewide television ads that call Lieberman a “turncoat.” One ad suggests that Connecticut residents should wear their coats inside-out to protest Lieberman’s general election campaign.

Lamont predicted the ads will appeal to his base and undecided voters. “It was a humorous look at a guy that’s been a lifelong Democrat who overnight changed his stripes,” he said.

Watch one of the ads here.

So we go from “subverting the democratic process” to “turncoat” in a matter of a few weeks.

This is what happens when one doesn’t worship at the altar of the Nutroots. Those who don’t must pay the price.

By the way, here are the latest numbers on the race between Lieberman and Lamont.


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