New liberal spin on Republicans and terrorism

Brian at Iowa Voice has caught perhaps what will be the latest in a string of deceptive talking points from Democrats on how Republicans supposedly ‘rejected’ Bill Clinton’s attempts at fighting terrorism back in the mid to late 90s.

In related news, House and Senate Dems are ‘united’ now in asking for the President to begin a “phased redeployment” of US forces in Iraq before the end of this year.

Captain Ed calls it right:

They want to begin a “phased redeployment” by the end of the year — and it’s already September. That leaves a short time frame for this retreat to occur — and note that the Democrats still can’t bring themselves to use the right term. When one leaves the theater while engaged with an enemy, that is a retreat, not a phased redeployment. The Democrats want a retreat.

Yep – the Dem ‘leadership’ has officially put it in writing.

Update: Brian was right: the libs are up in arms about the ABC’s upcoming “Path to 9-11” dramatization.


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