Alito filibuster fails as Ted Kennedy has a meltdown

Via Fox News:

WASHINGTON — More than a dozen Senate Democrats supported ending debate on Sam Alito Monday, setting up a final confirmation vote for the Supreme Court nominee on Tuesday morning.

On a 72-25 vote, senators succeeded in passing the 60-vote threshold to prevent a filibuster and allow a simple majority vote Tuesday. At least 57 senators have said publicly they will vote for the nominee.

Alito could be sworn in as early as noon Tuesday, in time for a formal introduction to the nation by President Bush during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Alito will become the 110 Supreme Court justice, replacing Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Efforts to filibuster Alito began last week when both Massachusetts Democratic Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry announced they would try to lead the charge against Alito. Their efforts won the support of several liberal Democratic senators, including some who had initially opposed a filibuster. Ultimately, though, the senators could not put the brakes on a final confirmation vote.

They might not have been able to put the brakes on a final confirmation vote, but that didn’t stop Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) from voicing his opinion on the matter – and quite passionately, I must say. Michelle Malkin has the details of the Senators red-faced rant against Republicans.

My friend Les doesn’t call him El Senatore Bloviatore for nothin’! ;)

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