The Alito confirmation vote

Matt Margolis is liveblogging the Alito confirmation vote. Interesting stuff going on this morning in the Senate.

Of course there are still some Democratic Senators voicing their, um, ‘displeasure’, at the Alito nomination, but in the end, he’s still expected to be confirmed.

Update I: I’m having trouble accessing that B4B link directly – if you’re having that same problem, try the link to the main page and you should be able to see the updates.

Update II: Just read via the AP that Alito has been confirmed 58-42. B4B (which I can access again) has the vote breakdown.

If another Justice retires before Bush’s 2nd term is over, as is being speculated, before it’s all said and done this court could be known as “the Bush court” … I’m sure that will drive a certain segment of our population absolutely batty ;)

Update III: Samuel Alito is sworn in as the 110th USSC Justice.

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