Military recruiters targeted – again

The latest incident happened at the University of Minnesota. The Star Tribune reports, noting, of course,that it started “peacefully” before the red paint started flying:

It began peacefully before turning red in the end.

Six people, including a man who allegedly splashed paint on a recruiting station, were arrested Friday following a rally of area high school and college students at the University of Minnesota to protest the war in Iraq.

Police estimated the crowd at more than 200 people, who chanted and listened to nearly a dozen speakers for about an hour.

Riva Garcia, 15, a freshman at Minneapolis South High School, told the crowd that she believes the war is racist and that the military is using dirty tactics to get minorities to enlist.

“We, as working class, minority and immigrant youth, deserve equal access to education,” she said. “We don’t deserve to die for our country just because someone told us to. We deserve to be heard, and to be recognized as the future of this country.”

When it came time for a march downtown, organizers changed course and went to a U.S. Army and Navy recruiting station near Washington Avenue and SE. Oak Street.

One person, with face covered and dressed in all black, splashed a bucket of red paint on the station’s windows. Other protesters pounded the windows and scribbled messages including a peace sign over a sticker of the American flag.

“They’re exercising their rights,” said Army Capt. Val Bernat, adding that campus police alerted the office days earlier of a potential incident. “However, we don’t appreciate the vandalism.”

The protest group then dispersed at the nearby Coffman Memorial Union, where police arrested the man who apparently threw the paint, according to campus police Deputy Chief Steve Johnson. Five others also were cited for disorderly conduct and released, Johnson said.

To see photos of the incident, click the below links:

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